fren means everything t0 meh

Thursday, 24 November 2011

the gift of a frenk

sometimes u think u'll be fine by ur self
cause a dream is a wish that u make all alone
it's easy to fell like u don't need help 
but it's harder to walk on ur own
u'll change inside when u realize 
the words come 2 life and evrythings bright
from beggining 2 end and when u have a frenk 
by ur side that helps u to fine the beauty u r
when u open ur heart and believe in the gift of a frenk...the gift of a frenk...
someone who knows when ur lose n ur scared 
there trough the high n the lows
someone u count on someone who cares
beside u wherever u go...
n when ur hope crashes down shaterring to
the ground u,u fell all alone 
when u don't know which way to go
n theres no signs leading u home...
u'r not alone...